Kim Davis and the Unfortunate Crossing of Lines

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I guess I shouldn’t really expect non-Christians to view the jailing of Kim Davis as religious persecution. I doubt that non-Christians in the Roman Empire thought the jailing of Christians for exercising their faith was wrong. In fact, many of them cheered at the spectacle of Christians being thrown to the lions.In Rome, sometimes persecution was as obvious as that. Other times, it was more seemingly innocuous, such as Christians at one point (as I remember learning somewhere in my past) being forbidden to own property.

In the Kim Davis situation, those who have no personal interest in freedom of religion may not care that a person’s religious rights have been trampled, especially when those rights were exercised in a way that hindered something such people believe in. And so, not only will they not be bothered by this jailing, but some will actually celebrate it.

We have crossed a line here, and, as these things tend to go, that line will be easier to cross the next time. And on it will go, with those who have no interest in religion or who view us Christians as party poopers and pests not being bothered by it at all, until the day comes when a line is crossed that butts up against some right about which they actually care. Have we really  become a country in which the Constitution is important only in so far as it affects “me?”

As for Kim Davis, I would paraphrase for her what the Apostle Paul wrote of his sufferings for Christ in 2 Corinthians 4:17. This light, momentary affliction is preparing for you an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.


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